Python Developer

You'll need a combination of education and extensive experience to become our python developer. These should be among your key qualifications:

  1. A bachelor's degree in computer science, information management systems or a related field but this aint a must.
  2. Acquired relevant work experience in coding and web developing. For this position, we VALUE EXPERIENCE more than the degree
  3. Many python developers are self-taught and extremely skilled, hence if thats you, then you are still our ideal candidate. Once again, we VALUE EXPERIENCE more than the degree in this job category.
  4. Mastered knowledge HTML, javascript, php and CSS on top of the Python programming language.
  5. Knowledge on AI and data analysis in Python
  6. Knowledge on DB Load Balancing in Python
  7. Knowledge on DB manipulation in Python


If all these or more describe you, Please get in touch.


How To Apply

To apply – Please send resume to and make sure to indicate the preferred salary in the email body.

Please indicate the country you are applying from and citizen of so as to help us analyse your basic salary based on country.

Ps. we are an equal oportunity employer and do not discriminate anyone based on religion, race or nationality